Welcome to the website for Richard Gaynor and his photography..   
I first picked up a camera back in the days of film when I was 15, unfortunately being young, daft and discovering the fun you can have with alcohol and football, I foolishly decided not to pursue a career in what I really wanted to do - Photography and Videography.
However, I picked the camera back up in 2010 mainly shooting planes and the like, and when Rotherham United started construction of their new ground - The New York Stadium, I spent a lot of time documenting that from all angles, including the air!
However, despite shooting occasional weddings and events, I really ramped up my photography in 2016 when I started working with models and doing studio work, something I've fallen in deep with and thoroughly enjoy... Working from fashion, portraiture to art nude...  So while there's nothing pornographic on this website, you may come across the odd nuddy..  If this offends you, please turn around and leave this site.
I'm always interested in collaborations, and I'm willing to work with both male and female models, if you like my work and would like to work together, please hit me up via either the contact me page, or my social media..

LATEST UPDATE - = Wednesday 17th April 2024 - Football Grounds
Face for radio.
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